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translations of cedere

ITENEnglish16 translations
ITESSpanish15 translations
ITFRFrench13 translations
  • abdiquer(v)[possessione, diritto]
  • abandonner(v)[accordo, diritto, rivendicazione]
  • renoncer(v)[accordo, diritto, rivendicazione]
  • renoncer à(v)[accordo, rivendicazione, possessione, diritto]
  • céder(v n)[to give way, to give as required, to collapse or fall, rivendicazione, posto, materia, diritto, concessione, accordo, possessione]
  • léguer(v)[diritto, possessione]
  • capituler(v n)[to give as required, rivendicazione, diritto, accordo]
  • se rendre(v)[accordo, diritto, rivendicazione, to give as required]
  • donner(v)[posto]
  • laisser passer(v n)[to give way]
  • s'effondrer(v)[psichiatria]
  • craquer(v)[psichiatria]
  • céder par écrit(v)[possessione]
ITDEGerman31 translations
ITNLDutch22 translations
ITPTPortuguese14 translations
ITSVSwedish17 translations
ITCSCzech3 translations
ITPLPolish2 translations
ITBGBulgarian1 translation
ITRURussian8 translations
ITJAJapanese1 translation
  • 譲る(v n)[to give as required, to give way](v n)