afable has 211 translations in 13 languages

translations of afable

ES EN English 17 translations
ES PT Portuguese 31 translations
  • afável (a) [persona, friendly, courteous, sociable, comportamiento, possessing sweetness of disposition]
  • alegre (a) [comportamiento]
  • amável (a) [persona, friendly as an amiable temper or mood, amistad, possessing sweetness of disposition, comportamiento]
  • bom (a) [persona, comportamiento]
  • amigo (o) [amistad, comportamiento, persona, general] {m}
  • dado (a) [comportamiento] {m}
  • doce (a) [persona, comportamiento] {m}
  • atraente (a) [persona]
  • gentil (a) [persona, comportamiento]
  • jovial (a) [comportamiento]
  • cativante (a) [persona]
  • afetuoso (a) [comportamiento]
  • bonito (a) [persona]
  • amigável (int) [possessing sweetness of disposition, friendly as an amiable temper or mood]
  • caridoso (a) [persona, comportamiento]
  • cordial (a) [general]
  • bondoso (a) [comportamiento, persona]
  • adorável (a) [persona, comportamiento]
  • amistoso (a) [comportamiento, persona]
  • charmoso (a) [persona]
  • sociável (a) [comportamiento]
  • generoso (a) [comportamiento, persona]
  • rústico (int) [rude or surly] {m}
  • encantador (a) [comportamiento, persona]
  • carinhoso (a) [comportamiento]
  • grosseiro (int) [rude or surly] {m}
  • benevolente (a) [persona, comportamiento]
  • amigavelmente (a) [comportamiento, persona]
  • amistosamente (a) [comportamiento, persona]
  • bem-humorado (a) [comportamiento]
  • de bom coração (a) [persona, comportamiento]
ES FR French 28 translations
ES IT Italian 29 translations
  • amabile (a) [persona, possessing sweetness of disposition, comportamiento, friendly as an amiable temper or mood]
  • affabile (a) [persona, comportamiento, amistad, friendly as an amiable temper or mood]
  • adorabile (a) [persona]
  • gentile (a) [persona, comportamiento]
  • bello (a) [persona]
  • dolce (a) [persona, comportamiento] {m}
  • cordiale (a) [general, amistad, comportamiento, persona]
  • cortese (o) [amistad, persona, comportamiento]
  • buono (a) [comportamiento, persona] {m}
  • gioviale (a) [comportamiento]
  • attraente (a) [comportamiento, persona]
  • intimo (o) [amistad] {m}
  • allegro (a) [comportamiento]
  • carino (a) [comportamiento, persona]
  • amorevole (a) [comportamiento]
  • tenero (a) [comportamiento]
  • socievole (a) [persona, comportamiento]
  • benevolo (a) [persona, comportamiento]
  • benigno (a) [persona, comportamiento]
  • amichevole (a) [comportamiento, persona]
  • avvenente (a) [persona]
  • villano (adv prep adj n v) [rude or surly] {m}
  • affettuoso (adv prep adj n v) [possessing sweetness of disposition, comportamiento]
  • incantevole (a) [persona]
  • affascinante (a) [comportamiento, persona]
  • delizioso (a) [persona]
  • cameratesco (a) [comportamiento, persona]
  • cordialmente (a) [comportamiento]
  • amichevolmente (a) [comportamiento, persona]
ES DE German 20 translations
ES NL Dutch 33 translations
ES SV Swedish 31 translations
ES CS Czech 2 translations
  • vlídný (n v abbr) [friendly, courteous, sociable]
  • přívětivý (n v abbr) [friendly, courteous, sociable]
ES PL Polish 1 translation
  • sympatyczny (adv conj pronoun n) [friendly, courteous, sociable] {Ü|pl|}
ES DA Danish 1 translation
  • elskværdig [friendly as an amiable temper or mood, possessing sweetness of disposition] (adj)
ES BG Bulgarian 8 translations
ES RU Russian 9 translations
ES JA Japanese 1 translation