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consensus (n) [general agreement] Übereinstimmung (n) {f} [general agreement]
consensus (n) [general agreement] Einvernehmen (n) {n} [general agreement]
consensus (n) [general agreement] Einigkeit (n) {f} [general agreement]
consensus Konsens (m)
consensus (n) Konsens (n) (m)
consensus (n) [general agreement] Konsens (n) [general agreement] (m)
consensus (n) Konsensus (n) {m}
EN Synonyms for consensus DE Translations
assent [agreement] (formal genehmigen
accord [agreement] zugestehen
approval [agreement] Bejahung {f}
agreement [acquiescence] Pakt {m}
concord [acquiescence] Zusammenklang
permission [acquiescence] Genehmigung, Erlaubnis
concurrence [acquiescence] Kongruenz {f}
acceptance [acquiescence] Übernahme {f}
consent [acquiescence] Konsens (m)
unanimity [feeling of agreement] (formal Einhelligkeit
peace [feeling of agreement] Eintracht (f)
unity [feeling of agreement] Geschlossenheit {f}
harmony [feeling of agreement] Eintracht (f)
celebrity [property] Star {m}
distinction [property] Trennung {f}
esteem [property] Ansehen {n}
rep [property] rep
eminence [property] hohe Stellung
estimation [property] Hochachtung (f)
fame [property] Bekanntheit {f}