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unity (n) Einheit (n) {f}
unity (n) [drama: any of the three classical rules of drama] Einheit (n) {f} [drama: any of the three classical rules of drama]
unity (n) [general] Einheit (n) {f} [general]
unity (n) [part] Einheit (n) {f} [part]
unity (n) [whole] Einheit (n) {f} [whole]
unity Eins {f}
unity (n) [general] Einigkeit (n) {f} [general]
unity (n) [mathematics] Einselement (n) {n} [mathematics]
unity (n) [whole] Ganze (n) {n} [whole]
unity Einheitlichkeit (f)
unity Geschlossenheit {f}
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junction [coalition] Verbindung {f}
merger [coalition] Zusammenlegung
combination [coalition] Verknüpfung (f)
union [coalition] Union (f)
symphony [agreement] Sinfonie {f}
harmony [agreement] Eintracht (f)
concert [agreement] Übereinstimmung {f}
unison [agreement] reine Prime
unanimity [agreement] (formal Einhelligkeit
concord [agreement] Zusammenklang
rapport [agreement] Übereinstimmung {f}
oneness [state] Einheit {f}
totality [state] (formal Totalität {f}
synthesis [state] Synthese {f}
singularity [state] (arch. Singularität, singulärer Punkt; singuläre Stelle
singleness [state] Einsamkeit {f}
individuality [state] Individualität {f}
agreement [feeling of agreement] Pakt {m}
accord [feeling of agreement] zugestehen
peace [feeling of agreement] Eintracht (f)
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