tronquer has 47 translations in 10 languages

translations of tronquer

FRENEnglish4 translations
FRESSpanish6 translations
  • cortar(v)[arbre, couper]
  • talar(v)[couper]
  • derribar(v)[couper]
  • acortar(v)[histoire]
  • truncar(v)[arbre, histoire, shorten a decimal number by removing trailing (or leading) digits; to chop, shorten something as if by cutting off part of it]
  • troncar(v)[arbre]
FRITItalian5 translations
FRDEGerman9 translations
FRPTPortuguese6 translations
FRNLDutch9 translations
FRSVSwedish5 translations
FRBGBulgarian1 translation
FRHUHungarian1 translation
  • csonkol(v adj)[shorten something as if by cutting off part of it](v adj)
FRRURussian1 translation