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on sur
on (o) [preposition] sur (o) [preposition]
on (o) [surface] dessus (o) {m} [surface]
EN Synonyms for on FR Translations
ahead [direction] fremad
along [direction] ad
against [position] imod (prep conj)
toward [movement] til
away [departure] bort
hence [departure] herfra
out [departure] udenfor
from [departure] udi
by [part of speech] af
during [part of speech] imitlertid
through [part of speech] (informal færdig
FR French EN English
on (o) [impersonnel] you (o) [impersonnel]
on (o) [pron. pers. indéfini] one (o) [pron. pers. indéfini]
on (pronoun determiner) [one, people, some people] they (pronoun determiner) [one, people, some people]
on (o) [pronom personnel - sujet générique] they (o) [pronom personnel - sujet générique]

French English translations

FR Synonyms for on EN Translations
nous [nous] vi
elle [il] hon
vous [tu] Ni (pronoun determiner)
moi [je] m ego {n}