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over (o) [preposition] sur (o) [preposition]
over (o) [termination] passé (o) {m} [termination]
over (o) [age] au-dessus (o) [age]
over (o) [money] de reste (o) [money]
over (o) [money] en surplus (o) [money]
over (o) [money] en excédent (o) [money]
EN Synonyms for over FR Translations
dead [vanished] chết
left [quantity] trái
excellent [greater] ưu (adj adv)
supreme [predominant] tối cao
completely [stop] hoàn toàn
surface [outer] mặt
on [part of speech] trên
by [part of speech] qua
again [addition] lại
repeat [addition] nhắc lại
because of [addition] bởi
ceiling [above] trần
behind [beyond] sau