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voll (a) [ganz] total (a) [ganz]
voll (a) [Erfolg] unqualified (a) [Erfolg]
voll (a) [Behälter] filled (a) [Behälter]
voll (a) [ganz] integral (a) [ganz]
voll (a) [ganz] entire (a) [ganz]
voll (a) [ganz] whole (a) [ganz]
voll (a) [ganz] complete (a) [ganz]
voll (n) [umgangssprachlich] sozzled (n) [umgangssprachlich]
voll (n) full (n)
voll (a) [Behälter] full (a) [Behälter]
voll ratted
voll canned
voll bladdered
voll plenished
voll fraught
voll (n v adj) [charged or accompanied with] fraught (n v adj) [charged or accompanied with]
voll slap-bang
voll rat-arsed
voll repletely
voll full bast
voll slewed
voll full up
voll plenteously
voll (adj) [at the peak of blossom] full-blown (adj) [at the peak of blossom]
voll corked
voll replete (formal)
voll stiff (informal)
voll crowded
voll fully
voll potted
voll brimful
voll whole-hearted
voll plenteous (literature)
voll rich
voll mellow
voll thick
voll pickled (informal)
voll tight

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