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by vonseiten
by (o) [general] mithilfe von (o) [general]
by (o) [books] von (o) [books]
by beiseite
by mal
by indem
by (n) indem (n)
by mit Hilfe von
by per
by (o) [multiplication] mit (o) [multiplication]
by +Dat.}
by wohin_ +Akk.}
by bei {prp
by +Akk.}
by auf Seiten von
by gemäss
by vom
by vorüber an
by (n) bei (n)
by (o) [location] nah (o) [location]
by gemäß
by nach
by an
by (o) [dimension] auf (o) [dimension]
by bis
by (o) [time] vor (o) [time]
by (o) [travel] über (o) [travel]
by neben
by (o) [location] bei (o) [location]
by um
by (v) durch (v)
by (o) [books] durch (o) [books]
by (o) [division] durch (o) [division]
by (o) [general] durch (o) [general]
by (o) [means] mit (o) [means]
EN Synonyms for by DE Translations
at [position]
along [position] ad
on [part of speech]
during [part of speech] imitlertid
through [part of speech] (informal færdig
behind [beyond] bagved
past [beyond] fortid
across [beyond] tværs