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angemessen (a) [Zweck] proper (a) [Zweck]
angemessen (a) [passend] pertinent (a) [passend]
angemessen (a) [passend] apposite (a) [passend] (formal)
angemessen (a) [Menge] sufficient (a) [Menge]
angemessen (a) [Subjekt] germane (a) [Subjekt] (formal)
angemessen (a) [Subjekt] relevant (a) [Subjekt]
angemessen (a) [Preise] modest (a) [Preise]
angemessen (a) [Preise] fair (a) [Preise]
angemessen (a) fair (a)
angemessen (a) [Preise] reasonable (a) [Preise]
angemessen (a) [Menge] reasonable (a) [Menge]
angemessen (a) [Menge] satisfactory (a) [Menge]
angemessen (a) [Benehmen] proper (a) [Benehmen]
angemessen (a) [Zweck] fitting (a) [Zweck]
angemessen (a) [Zweck] befitting (a) [Zweck]
angemessen (a) [Benehmen] acceptable (a) [Benehmen]
angemessen (a) [Situation] applicable (a) [Situation]
angemessen (a) [Situation] suitable (a) [Situation]
angemessen (a) [Zweck] suitable (a) [Zweck]
angemessen (a) [passend] apt (a) [passend]
angemessen (a) [Zweck] apt (a) [Zweck]
angemessen (a) appropriate (a)
angemessen (a) [passend] appropriate (a) [passend]
angemessen (a) [Situation] appropriate (a) [Situation]
angemessen (a) adequate (a)
angemessen (a) [Menge] adequate (a) [Menge]
angemessen in a fitting manner
angemessen fair dinkum
angemessen measured for
angemessen congruously
angemessen commensurate (with
angemessen to)
angemessen presentably
angemessen worthily
angemessen pertinently
angemessen commensurately
angemessen acceptably
angemessen fitly
angemessen suitably
angemessen appropriately
angemessen condign
angemessen presentable
angemessen proportionate
angemessen (adj) [proportionate; of a similar measurable standard] commensurate (adj) [proportionate; of a similar measurable standard]
angemessen commensurate
angemessen congruous
angemessen adequately
angemessen (adj) [equal to some requirement] adequate (adj) [equal to some requirement]

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