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angemessen (a) [Zweck] proper (a) [Zweck]
angemessen (o) [allgemein] fit the bill (o) [allgemein]
angemessen (a) [passend] pertinent (a) [passend]
angemessen (a) [passend] apposite (a) [passend] (formal)
angemessen (a) [Menge] sufficient (a) [Menge]
angemessen (a) [Subjekt] germane (a) [Subjekt] (formal)
angemessen (a) [Subjekt] relevant (a) [Subjekt]
angemessen (a) [Preise] modest (a) [Preise]
angemessen (a) [Preise] fair (a) [Preise]
angemessen (a) fair (a)
angemessen (a) [Preise] reasonable (a) [Preise]
angemessen (a) [Menge] reasonable (a) [Menge]
angemessen (a) [Menge] satisfactory (a) [Menge]
angemessen (a) [Benehmen] proper (a) [Benehmen]
angemessen (a) [Zweck] fitting (a) [Zweck]
angemessen (a) [Situation] applicable (a) [Situation]
angemessen (a) [Benehmen] acceptable (a) [Benehmen]
angemessen (a) [Zweck] befitting (a) [Zweck]
angemessen (a) [Situation] suitable (a) [Situation]
angemessen (a) [passend] apt (a) [passend]
angemessen (a) [Zweck] apt (a) [Zweck]
angemessen (a) [Zweck] suitable (a) [Zweck]
angemessen (a) appropriate (a)
angemessen (a) [Situation] appropriate (a) [Situation]
angemessen (a) [passend] appropriate (a) [passend]
angemessen (a) adequate (a)
angemessen (a) [Menge] adequate (a) [Menge]
angemessen fair dinkum
angemessen measured for
angemessen congruously
angemessen commensurate (with
angemessen to)
angemessen presentably
angemessen in a fitting manner
angemessen worthily
angemessen pertinently
angemessen commensurately
angemessen acceptably
angemessen fitly
angemessen suitably
angemessen appropriately
angemessen condign
angemessen presentable
angemessen proportionate
angemessen (adj) [proportionate; of a similar measurable standard] commensurate (adj) [proportionate; of a similar measurable standard]
angemessen commensurate
angemessen congruous
angemessen adequately
angemessen (adj) [equal to some requirement] adequate (adj) [equal to some requirement]

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