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CBC Com5ount healthcare
CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Acronym
CBC Christmas Bird Count Acronym
CBC Cipher-Block Chaining Acronym
CBC Cornering Brake Control Acronym
CBC Cherrabun Airport [Cherrabun, Western Australia, Australia] IATA Airport Code
CBC Canadian Born Chinese Community abbreviations
CBC Cemeteries of Brown County Community abbreviations
CBC Contributing to Brookline Children Community abbreviations
CBC Cipher Block Chaining computing abbreviations and acronyms
CBC Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation media abbreviations and acronyms
CBC Can't Budget Contracts Military abbreviations
CBC Citizens for Better Care Non-Profit Organizations
CBC Can't Beat Cujo sports abbreviations
CBC Challengers Baseball Club sports abbreviations
CBC Chicago Biker Chicks sports abbreviations
CBC Central Bible College University abbreviations
CBC Christian Brothers College University abbreviations
CBC Community Business College University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to cbc

  • CPS - Cycles per second
  • CBSA - Core based statistical area
  • CofS - Chief of staff
  • CBCS - Combat Communications Squadron
  • CEVG - Combat Evaluation Group
  • CEPS - Customs, Excise and Preventive Service
  • CHPS - Community-Based Health Planning and Services
  • CPC - Cocoa Purchasing Company
  • CVC - Citizens' Vetting Committee
  • CAPES - CAPability Evaluation System
  • CAVOK - Ceiling And Visibility OK ("Kav-okay")
  • CBASSE - Commission on Behavioral And Social Sciences and Education ("sea bass")
  • CBS - Columbia Broadcasting System
  • CBUS - Columbus, Ohio
  • CFES - Continuous Flow Electrophoresis System
  • CFFZ - Call For Fire Zone
  • CFS - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome