8966 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
100BGF 100th Bomb Group Foundation
100BM One Hundred Black Men of America
100BMA One Hundred Black Men of America
100BMGD One Hundred Black Men of Greater Detroit
100BMNJ One Hundred Black Men of New Jersey
100BMNY One Hundred Black Men of New York
100IDA 100th Infantry Division Association
10NCST-C 10th North Carolina State Troops Company C - The Charlotte Artillery
10VVI 10th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment Companies A - L
117CA 117th Cavalry Association
11PVI-K 11th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Company K
11PVIPF 11th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Preservation Foundation
125NYRA 125th New York Regimental Association
1279CEA 1279th Combat Engineering Alumni
12VI-ANVA 12th Virginia Infantry Army of Northern Virginia
13PR-K Company K 13th Pennsylvania Reserves The Bucktails
141I-26DA 141st Infantry Regiment 36th Division Association
145CAB-VA 145th Combat Aviation Battalion Vietnam Association
147FAHS 147th Field Artillery Historical Society
14CTVI-G Company G 14th Regiment Connecticut Volunteer Infantry 1862-1865
1-50IA First Battalion 50th Infantry Association
160GHR 160th General Hospital Reunion World War II Association
16IRA 16th Infantry Regiment Association
179-45DA-D D Company 179th Infantry 45th Division Association
17IMA 17th Infantry Memorial Association
17RA 17th Infantry Regiment Association
180FA 180th Field Artillery Association
180IA 180th Infantry Association
189FA-645TDA 189th Field Artillery & 645th Tank Destroyer Association
193FAA 193rd Field Artillery Association
193SOWA 193rd Special Operations Wing Association
196LIBA 196th Light Infantry Brigade Association
19AI-CSA 19th Alabama Infantry Regiment, Confederate States of America
19BA 19th Bombardment Association
1IDMA 1st Infantry Division Memorial Association
1MAW-VS 1st Marine Aircraft Association - Vietnam Service
1NHVLB 1st New Hampshire Volunteer Light Battery
1NMVI 1st New Mexico Volunteer Infantry
1OVI 1st Oregon Volunteer Infantry
1USVCR 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry Regiment
1WOP One Way Out of Pornography
20/20 20/20 Vision Organization
20/20V 20/20 Vision Organization
20/20VEF 20/20 Vision Education Fund
201FAA 201st Infantry Field Artillery Association
201MIBA 201st Military Intelligence Battalion Association
20RI-A 20th Regimental Infantry - Company A
20SFS 20th Special Forces Society
21CF Twenty- First Century Foundation
22BGA 22nd Bombardment Group Association