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CVC: Meaning Category
CVC Citizens' Vetting Committee ghana
CVC Cleve Airport [Cleve, South Australia, Australia] IATA Airport Code
CVC Chemical Vapor Cleaning Electronics abbreviations
CVC Chloro Voltaic Cell Electronics abbreviations
CVC Conventional Vibrated Concrete Electronics abbreviations
CVC Compact Video Cassette media abbreviations and acronyms
CVC Combat Vehicle Crew Military abbreviations
CVC community voice council Non-Profit Organizations
CVC Character Vs Character sports abbreviations
CVC Chinese Varsity Club University abbreviations
CVC Colton Varsity Cheer University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to cvc

  • CPS - Cycles per second
  • CBSA - Core based statistical area
  • CBC - Com5ount
  • CofS - Chief of staff
  • CBCS - Combat Communications Squadron
  • CEVG - Combat Evaluation Group
  • CEPS - Customs, Excise and Preventive Service
  • CHPS - Community-Based Health Planning and Services
  • CPC - Cocoa Purchasing Company
  • CAPES - CAPability Evaluation System
  • CAVOK - Ceiling And Visibility OK ("Kav-okay")
  • CBASSE - Commission on Behavioral And Social Sciences and Education ("sea bass")
  • CBS - Columbia Broadcasting System