selezione has 48 translations in 12 languages

translations of selezione

IT EN English 6 translations
IT ES Spanish 5 translations
  • selección (n) [scelta, process or act of selecting, azione, quantità] {f}
  • elección (n) [azione, scelta, quantità] {f}
  • surtido (n) [quantità, azione, scelta] {m}
  • variedad (n) [azione, scelta, quantità] {f}
  • clasificación (n) [generale] {f}
IT FR French 5 translations
  • sélection (n) [process or act of selecting, scelta, quantità, azione] {f}
  • triage (n) [generale] {m}
  • assortiment (n) [quantità, azione, scelta] {m}
  • choix (n) [azione, quantità, scelta] {m}
  • classement (n) [generale] {m}
IT DE German 9 translations
  • Selection (n) {f}
  • Sortieren (n) [generale] {n}
  • Mischung (n) [quantità] {f}
  • Wählen (n) [azione] {n}
  • Anwahl (n) [process or act of selecting] (n)
  • Auswahl (n) [process or act of selecting, quantità, scelta, azione] {m}
  • Wahl (n) [process or act of selecting] {f}
  • Aufruf (n) [process or act of selecting] (m)
  • Aussonderung (n) [process or act of selecting]
IT NL Dutch 7 translations
IT PT Portuguese 5 translations
IT SV Swedish 3 translations
  • sortiment (n) [scelta, azione, quantità] {n}
  • väljande (n) [quantità, azione, scelta] {n}
  • urval (n) [process or act of selecting, quantità, azione, scelta] {n}
IT CS Czech 1 translation
  • výběr (v) [process or act of selecting]
IT PL Polish 1 translation
  • selekcja (v) [process or act of selecting] {f}
IT RU Russian 3 translations
IT SL Slovenian 2 translations
  • selekcija [process or act of selecting] (n)
  • izbira [process or act of selecting] {f}
IT JA Japanese 1 translation
  • 選択 [process or act of selecting] (n)