izbira has 36 translations in 18 languages

translations of izbira

SLEN English 2 translations
SLES Spanish 3 translations
SLFR French 2 translations
SLPT Portuguese 2 translations
SLIT Italian 2 translations
SLDE German 5 translations
  • Aufruf (n) [process or act of selecting] (m)
  • Wahl [option or decision, process or act of selecting] {f}
  • Auswahl (n) [process or act of selecting] {m}
  • Aussonderung (n) [process or act of selecting]
  • Anwahl (n) [process or act of selecting] (n)
SLNL Dutch 2 translations
SLSV Swedish 3 translations
SLCS Czech 2 translations
SLPL Polish 2 translations
SLDA Danish 1 translation
  • valg [option or decision] {n}
SLBG Bulgarian 1 translation
SLHU Hungarian 1 translation
SLRU Russian 4 translations
SLZH Chinese 1 translation
SLHI Hindi 1 translation
SLJA Japanese 1 translation
  • 選択 (n adj) [option or decision, process or act of selecting] (n)
SLVI Vietnamese 1 translation