izbira has 36 translations in 18 languages

translations of izbira

SLENEnglish2 translations
SLESSpanish3 translations
  • opción(n adj)[option or decision]{f}
  • selección[option or decision, process or act of selecting]{f}
  • decisión(n adj)[option or decision]{f}
SLFRFrench2 translations
SLPTPortuguese2 translations
SLITItalian2 translations
SLDEGerman5 translations
  • Aufruf(n)[process or act of selecting](m)
  • Wahl[option or decision, process or act of selecting]{f}
  • Auswahl(n)[process or act of selecting]{m}
  • Aussonderung(n)[process or act of selecting]
  • Anwahl(n)[process or act of selecting](n)
SLNLDutch2 translations
SLSVSwedish3 translations
  • alternativ[option or decision]{n}
  • val(n adj)[option or decision]{n}
  • urval(n)[process or act of selecting]{n}
SLCSCzech2 translations
  • volba[option or decision]{f}
  • výběr(n)[process or act of selecting]
SLPLPolish2 translations
SLDADanish1 translation
  • valg[option or decision]{n}
SLBGBulgarian1 translation
SLHUHungarian1 translation
SLRURussian4 translations
SLZHChinese1 translation
SLHIHindi1 translation
SLJAJapanese1 translation
  • 選択(n adj)[option or decision, process or act of selecting](n)
SLVIVietnamese1 translation