Auswahl has 78 translations in 17 languages

translations of Auswahl

DEENEnglish12 translations
DEESSpanish5 translations
DEFRFrench4 translations
  • choix(n)[Merkmal, Akt, Menge, Wahl, allgemein, anything that can be chosen]{m}
  • sélection(n)[Merkmal, Akt, Menge, Wahl, process or act of selecting, something selected]{f}
  • option(n)[allgemein]{f}
  • assortiment(n)[Menge]{m}
DEITItalian4 translations
DEPTPortuguese5 translations
  • variedade(n)[Menge]{f}
  • opção[allgemein]{f}
  • seleção(n)[Wahl, variety of items taken from a larger collection, something selected, process or act of selecting, Menge, Akt]{f}
  • escolha[Akt, anything that can be chosen]{f}
  • sortimento[Menge]{m}
DENLDutch8 translations
DESVSwedish5 translations
  • urval(n)[Wahl, Verkauf, Menge, Merkmal, anything that can be chosen, process or act of selecting]{n}
  • val(n)[allgemein]{n}
  • väljande[Akt]{n}
  • sortiment[Menge, anything that can be chosen]{n}
  • Val
DECSCzech1 translation
  • výběr(n)[process or act of selecting]
DEPLPolish5 translations
DEDADanish3 translations
DEBGBulgarian1 translation
DERURussian7 translations
DESLSlovenian3 translations
  • izbira(n)[process or act of selecting]{f}
  • selekcija(n)[process or act of selecting](n)
  • izbor(n)[something selected, variety of items taken from a larger collection](n)
DEJAJapanese2 translations
  • 選択(n)[process or act of selecting](n)
  • 選択肢(n adj)[anything that can be chosen](n adj)
DENOno1 translation
  • utvalg(n)[Merkmal, Verkauf]{n}
DEFIfi5 translations
DETRtr7 translations
  • seçme(n)[Merkmal, process or act of selecting]
  • seçki(n)[Merkmal]
  • intihap(-bı)
  • seçenek(n)[something selected](-ği)
  • ayırma(n)[process or act of selecting](n)
  • seleksiyon(n)[something selected, variety of items taken from a larger collection](n)
  • seçilen(n)[something selected, variety of items taken from a larger collection](n)