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translations of enmienda

ESENEnglish4 translations
ESPTPortuguese4 translations
ESFRFrench5 translations
ESITItalian3 translations
ESDEGerman10 translations
ESNLDutch4 translations
ESSVSwedish4 translations
ESCSCzech1 translation
  • dodatek(n)[correction or addition to a law]
ESPLPolish2 translations
  • dodatek(n)[that which is added]{m}
  • poprawka(n)[correction or addition to a law]{f}
ESDADanish3 translations
ESBGBulgarian2 translations
ESRURussian4 translations
ESJAJapanese2 translations
  • 修正案(n)[correction or addition to a law](n)
  • 改正(n)[correction or addition to a law](n)