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translations of correção

PTENEnglish15 translations
PTESSpanish9 translations
PTFRFrench10 translations
PTITItalian9 translations
PTDEGerman10 translations
PTNLDutch11 translations
PTSVSwedish2 translations
PTCSCzech2 translations
  • přesnost(n)[state of being accurate]{f}
  • oprava(n)[substitution for an error or mistake]
PTPLPolish1 translation
PTDADanish2 translations
PTBGBulgarian5 translations
PTHUHungarian6 translations
  • orvosság(n v)[something that corrects or counteracts]
  • pontosság(n)[state of being accurate](n)
  • helyesség(n)[state of being accurate](n)
  • precizitás(n)[state of being accurate](n)
  • ellenszer(n v)[something that corrects or counteracts](n v)
  • javítás(n)[act of correcting, substitution for an error or mistake](n v)
PTRURussian7 translations
PTSLSlovenian1 translation
  • poprávek(n)[substitution for an error or mistake](n)
PTJAJapanese7 translations
  • 確度(n)[state of being accurate](kakudo)
  • 正確性(n)[state of being accurate](n)
  • 正確さ(n)[state of being accurate](n)
  • 精密性(n)[state of being accurate](n)
  • 精密さ(n)[state of being accurate](n)
  • 訂正(n)[act of correcting, substitution for an error or mistake](n)
  • 修正(n)[act of correcting, substitution for an error or mistake](n)