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goal (n) [objective] doel (n) {n} [objective]
goal (n) [sports - soccer] doel (n) {n} [sports - soccer]
goal (n) [objective] doelstelling (n) {f} [objective]
goal (n) [objective] oogmerk (n) {n} [objective]
goal doelwit {n}
goal (n) [sports - soccer] goal (n) {m} [sports - soccer]
goal (n) [(sport) act of placing the object into the goal] doelpunt (n) {n} [(sport) act of placing the object into the goal]
goal (n) [sports - soccer] doelpunt (n) {n} [sports - soccer]
goal honk
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idea [intention] denkbeeld {n}
objective [intention] objectief {n}
design [intention] tekening {f}
plan [intention] strekking {f}
end [intention] einde {n}
object [intention] onderwerp {n}
intent [intention] star
aim [intention] bedoeling {f}
base [aim] honk
hope [illusion] hoop 'de'
fantasy [illusion] fantasie {f}
daydream [illusion] dagdroom {m}
dream [illusion] hoop {m}
requirement [purpose] voorwaarde {f}
terminal [base] terminal {m}
radical [base] ingrijpend
point of departure [base] startpunt {n}
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goal [sport - voetbal] {m} goal [sport - voetbal]