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equal (a) [quality] gelijk (a) [quality]
equal egaal
equal eender
equal (a) [people] evenwaardig (a) [people]
equal (v) [comparison] wedijveren met (v) [comparison]
equal (n) [woman] weerga (n) {m} [woman]
equal (n) [man] weerga (n) {m} [man]
equal (a) [quality] gelijkwaardig (a) [quality]
equal (a) [people] gelijkwaardig (a) [people]
equal (v) [comparison]
  • equal(l)ed
  • equal
  • equal
  • equal(l)ed
  • equal(l)ed
evenaren (v) [comparison]
  • geëvenaard
  • evenaart
  • evenaren
  • evenaarde
  • evenaarden
equal (a) [general] gelijk (a) [general]
equal (n) [woman] gelijke (n) {m} [woman]
equal (n) [man] gelijke (n) {m} [man]
equal gelijkmatig
equal (a) [behavior] onpartijdig (a) [behavior]
equal (a) [behavior] rechtvaardig (a) [behavior]
equal (a) [behavior] eerlijk (a) [behavior]
EN Synonyms for equal NL Translations
beside [side by side] przy (Prp.)
next to [side by side] obok
against [side by side] względem
mate [equivalent] ziomek {m}
match [equivalent] rozgrywka {f}
rival [match] rywal {m}
resemble [match] być
top [match] bąk {m}
assistant [comrade] pomocnik {m}
affiliate [comrade] wstąpić
colleague [comrade] koleżanka {f}
companion [comrade] kompan {m}
associate [comrade] wstąpić
straight [characteristic] równo
level [characteristic] poziom {m}
even [characteristic] poranek {m}
true [characteristic] prawdziwy
exact [characteristic] ścisły
square [characteristic] skwer {m}
fellow [person of the same age] kolega {m}