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organisme (n) [institution] {m} body (n) [institution]
organisme {m} organism
organisme (n) [biologie] {m} organism (n) [biologie]
organisme (n) [institution] {m} organism (n) [institution]

French English translations

FR Synonyms for organisme EN Translations
disposition [aménagement] f order
ordonnance [aménagement] f batman
organisation [aménagement] f society
contexture [aménagement] f texture
dispositif [aménagement] m contrivance
tissu [aménagement] m weave
agencement [aménagement] m layout
nature [constitution] f wildlife
tempérament [constitution] m disposition (formal)
caractère [constitution] m character
naturel [constitution] m smooth
complexion [constitution] f complexion
chambre [juridiction] f chamber
assemblée [juridiction] f congregation
tribunal [juridiction] m court of law
conseil [juridiction] m counsel
cadavre [chair] m dead soldier (n)
physique [chair] m physics
anatomie [chair] f anatomy
corps [chair] m corpse