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conscript (n) [military] bleu (n) {m} [military]
conscript (n) [military] appelé (n) {m} [military]
conscript (v) [military]
  • conscripted
  • conscript
  • conscript
  • conscripted
  • conscripted
enrôler (v) [military]
  • aies enrôlé
  • aient enrôlé
  • enrôles
  • enrôlent
conscript (n) [military] recrue (n) {f} [military]
conscript (n) [military] conscrit (n) {m} [military]
EN Synonyms for conscript FR Translations
named [picked] nommé
preferred [picked] avantagé
elected [picked] élu
selected [picked] sélectionné
chosen [picked] sélectionné
draft [induct] tirant d'eau {m}
enlist [induct] s'engager
abduct [induct] kidnapper
coerce [induct] obliger
force [induct] pouvoir {m}
commandeer [induct] enrôler
mobilize [enroll in the armed forces] mobiliser
muster [enroll in the armed forces] (formal rassembler
sign up [enroll in the armed forces] inscrire
register [enroll in the armed forces] registre {m}
private [newcomer] renfermé
beginner [newcomer] débutante {f}
recruit [newcomer] conscrit {m}
picked [chosen] blessé {m}