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EN ES Translations for united

united (adj) [involving the joint activity of multiple agents] unión (adj) {f} [involving the joint activity of multiple agents]
united (a) [effort] asociado (a) {m} [effort]
united (a) [effort] unido (a) [effort]
united (a) [general] unido (a) [general]
united (a) [effort] conjunto (a) {m} [effort]
united (a) [general] conjunto (a) {m} [general]
united (a) [effort] colectivo (a) [effort]
united (a) [effort] junto (a) [effort]
united (a) [general] consolidado (a) [general]

EN ES Translations for human

EN ES Translations for rights

rights (n) [politics] derechos (n) [politics] (mp)

EN ES Translations for council

council (n) [business company] junta (n) {f} [business company]
council (n) [administration] consejo (n) {m} [administration]
council (n) [business company] consejo (n) {m} [business company]
council (n) [religion] consejo (n) {m} [religion]
council (n) [politics] ayuntamiento (n) {m} [politics]
council (n) [administration] asamblea (n) {f} [administration]
council concilio
council (n) [committee that leads or governs] concejo (n) [committee that leads or governs]