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EN DE Translations for yellow

yellow neidisch
yellow (a) gelb (a)
yellow (a) [color] gelb (a) [color]
to yellow (v) [color] gelb werden (v) [color]
to yellow (v) [color] vergilben (v) [color]
yellow Gelb {n}
yellow (n) Gelb (n) {n}
yellow (adj n v) [colour] Gelb (adj n v) {n} [colour]
yellow feig

EN DE Translations for warbler

warbler (n) Grasmücke (n) {f}
warbler (n) [ornithology] Grasmücke (n) {f} [ornithology]
warbler (n) [bird of the Parulidae family] Waldsänger (n) {m} [bird of the Parulidae family]
warbler (n) Schwirl (n) {m}