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EN DE Translations for office

office Dienststelle (f)
office (n) Dienststelle (n) (f)
office Geschäftsstelle {f}
office (n) Amt (n) {n}
office (n) [position] Amt (n) {n} [position]
office Funktion {f}
office Stelle {f}
office (n) Büro (n) {n}
office (n) [business company] Büro (n) {n} [business company]
office Amtszimmer {n}

EN DE Translations for station

station Haltestelle {f}
station (n) [public transportation] Haltestelle (n) {f} [public transportation]
station Sender {m}
station (n v) [To put in place to perform a task] postieren (n v) [To put in place to perform a task]
station Rang {m}
station Stellung {f}
station aufstellen
station Fernsprechapparat {m}
station Lokal {n}
station Werk {n}