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Jungfrau Jungfrau {f}
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Jungfrau (n) [Geschlechtsverkehr] {f} virgin (n) [Geschlechtsverkehr]
Jungfrau (n) [sexuelles Benehmen - Frau] {f} virgin (n) [sexuelles Benehmen - Frau]
Jungfrau (n) [sexuelles Benehmen - Mann] {f} virgin (n) [sexuelles Benehmen - Mann]
Jungfrau (n) [weiblich] {f} virgin (n) [weiblich]
Jungfrau {f} Virgo
Jungfrau {f} Virgo
Jungfrau (n) [Astrologie] {f} Virgo (n) [Astrologie]
Jungfrau (n) [Sternbild] {f} Virgo (n) [Sternbild]
Jungfrau (n) [Tierkreiszeichen] {f} Virgo (n) [Tierkreiszeichen]
Jungfrau (n) [allgemein] {f} maiden (n) [allgemein] (literature)
Jungfrau {f} maid
Jungfrau (n) [girl, maiden (without sexual experience)] {f} damsel (n) [girl, maiden (without sexual experience)] (literature)
Jungfrau {f} Virginity
Jungfrau (proper) [Mary, the mother of Jesus] {f} Virgin (proper) [Mary, the mother of Jesus] (proper)
Jungfrau {f} pucelle

German English translations

DE Synonyms for jungfrau EN Translations
Magd [Jungfrau] f maid of all work
Maid [Jungfrau] f girl
Jungfer [Jungfrau] f spinster
junge Frau [Jungfrau] young woman
Käfer [junge Frau] m beetle
Fräulein [junge Frau] n Miss
Puppe [junge Frau] f shock
Teenager [junge Frau] m teenager
Mädel [junge Frau] n little girl
Kind [junge Frau] n child
Kleine [junge Frau] (m little boy
Fratz [junge Frau] hussy (arch.)
Mädle [junge Frau] girl
Mädchen [junge Frau] n maid
Pflänzchen [junge Frau] n plantlets
Püppchen [junge Frau] little chick
Jugendliche [Mädchen] m teenage girl
Unverheiratete [Mädchen] celibate
junges Mädchen [Mädchen] n damsel (literature)
Private [Anzüglich] private broadcaster