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translations of soft

EN ES Spanish 6 translations
  • suave (a) [gentle, sound, downy, color, textiles, general]
  • fino (a) [textiles]
  • gentil (a) [gentle]
  • velloso (a) [downy]
  • blando (a) [general, textiles, water, downy] {m}
  • delicado (a) [textiles]
EN FR French 9 translations
EN IT Italian 13 translations
EN PT Portuguese 10 translations
  • fofo (a) [downy]
  • doce (a) [gentle] {m}
  • mole (a) [general] (slang)
  • fino (a) [textiles]
  • sedoso (a) [textiles]
  • leve (a) [gentle]
  • suave (a) [downy, color, textiles, gentle, sound]
  • macio (a) [general, downy, textiles]
  • brando (a) [water]
  • delicado (a) [textiles]
EN DE German 11 translations
EN NL Dutch 6 translations
  • zacht (a) [water, general, textiles, color, gentle, downy, sound]
  • licht (a) [gentle] {n}
  • fijn (a) [textiles]
  • zijig (a) [textiles]
  • donzig (a) [downy]
  • pluizig (a) [downy]
EN SV Swedish 9 translations
  • svag (a) [sound]
  • mjuk (a) [general, water, downy, gentle, textiles]
  • len (a) [textiles]
  • mild (a) [gentle]
  • fin (a) [textiles] (pej.)
  • blid (a) [gentle]
  • dunig (a) [downy]
  • luddig (a) [downy]
  • dämpad (a) [color]
EN CS Czech 3 translations
EN PL Polish 1 translation

Synonyms for soft

  1. Meaning: property [a]
  2. Meaning: state [a]
  3. Meaning: property [a]
  4. Meaning: characteristic [a]
  5. Meaning: sound [a]

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