dìm has 30 translations in 15 languages

translations of dìm

VIENEnglish1 translation
  • drown(v)[to be suffocated in fluid]
VIESSpanish3 translations
  • sumergir(n v)[to lower into the water]
  • ahogarse(v)[to be suffocated in fluid]
  • hundir(n v)[to lower into the water]
VIFRFrench2 translations
  • plonger(n v)[to lower into the water]
  • se noyer(v)[to be suffocated in fluid]
VIITItalian2 translations
VIPTPortuguese2 translations
VINLDutch2 translations
VISVSwedish1 translation
  • drunkna(v)[to be suffocated in fluid]
VIDEGerman1 translation
VICSCzech2 translations
VIPLPolish1 translation
  • tonąć(v)[to be suffocated in fluid]
VIDADanish1 translation
  • dykke(n v)[to lower into the water](adj int n v)
VIBGBulgarian4 translations
VIHUHungarian1 translation
  • fullad(v)[to be suffocated in fluid](v)
VIRURussian5 translations
VIJAJapanese2 translations