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translations of Mynt

SVENEnglish5 translations
SVESSpanish6 translations
SVFRFrench7 translations
SVPTPortuguese8 translations
SVITItalian4 translations
SVDEGerman11 translations
SVNLDutch9 translations
SVCSCzech2 translations
SVPLPolish3 translations
  • bilon[(''currency'') a piece of currency]{m}
  • moneta(n)[(''currency'') a piece of currency]
  • Moneta
SVDADanish2 translations
SVBGBulgarian3 translations
SVHUHungarian3 translations
SVAFAfrikaans2 translations
  • munt[(''currency'') a piece of currency]
  • muntstuk(n v)[(''currency'') a piece of currency]
SVRURussian3 translations
SVSLSlovenian2 translations
SVZHChinese1 translation
SVHIHindi1 translation
SVJAJapanese2 translations
  • コイン[(''currency'') a piece of currency](koin)
  • 硬貨[(''currency'') a piece of currency]
SVVIVietnamese1 translation