dihati has 36 translations in 18 languages

translations of dihati

SLENEnglish1 translation
SLESSpanish1 translation
SLFRFrench3 translations
SLPTPortuguese2 translations
SLITItalian1 translation
SLDEGerman1 translation
  • atmen[to draw air in and out]
SLNLDutch2 translations
SLSVSwedish1 translation
  • andas[(fig) to live, to draw air in and out, to exchange gases]
SLCSCzech1 translation
SLPLPolish3 translations
SLDADanish2 translations
SLBGBulgarian4 translations
SLHUHungarian1 translation
SLRURussian4 translations
SLAFAfrikaans2 translations
  • asem[to draw air in and out]
  • asemhaal[to draw air in and out]
SLHIHindi1 translation
SLJAJapanese4 translations
SLVIVietnamese2 translations
  • thở(v)[to draw air in and out](v n)
  • hô hấp(v)[to draw air in and out](n)