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translations of devištvo

SLENEnglish1 translation
SLESSpanish1 translation
SLFRFrench1 translation
SLPTPortuguese1 translation
SLITItalian1 translation
SLDEGerman3 translations
SLNLDutch1 translation
SLSVSwedish4 translations
  • oskuld(n)[state of being a virgin](u)
  • mödom(n)[state of being a virgin]
  • jungfrudom(n)[state of being a virgin]
  • svendom(n)[state of being a virgin](n)
SLCSCzech1 translation
SLPLPolish2 translations
SLBGBulgarian1 translation
SLRURussian3 translations
SLJAJapanese2 translations
  • 童貞(n)[state of being a virgin](dōtei)
  • 処女性(n)[state of being a virgin](n)