часть has 68 translations in 19 languages

translations of часть

RUENEnglish3 translations
  • part
  • piece
  • snippet(n)[a textfile containing a relatively small amount of code](informal)
RUESSpanish7 translations
RUFRFrench6 translations
RUPTPortuguese5 translations
RUITItalian4 translations
RUDEGerman4 translations
  • Stück[a tiny piece or part]{n}
  • Teil(n)[a tiny piece or part]{n}
  • Bruchteil(n v)[part of a whole]{m}
  • Facette(n v)[one of a series of things]
RUNLDutch2 translations
RUSVSwedish4 translations
RUCSCzech3 translations
RUPLPolish9 translations
RUDADanish3 translations
RUBGBulgarian2 translations
RUHUHungarian2 translations
RUAFAfrikaans2 translations
RUSLSlovenian2 translations
RUZHChinese4 translations
RUHIHindi3 translations
RUJAJapanese1 translation
  • 断片(n v)[part of a whole](n v)
RUVIVietnamese2 translations