уда́ча has 69 translations in 18 languages

translations of уда́ча

RUENEnglish1 translation
RUESSpanish7 translations
RUFRFrench10 translations
RUPTPortuguese6 translations
  • sorte(n)[good luck, positive fortune]{f}
  • acaso(n v)[stroke of luck]{m}
  • sucesso(n)[achievement of one's aim or goal]{m}
  • golpe(n v)[stroke of luck]{f}
  • fortuna(n)[good luck, stroke of luck]{f}
  • fortúnio(n)[good luck](n)
RUITItalian4 translations
RUDEGerman4 translations
RUNLDutch4 translations
RUSVSwedish5 translations
RUCSCzech4 translations
RUPLPolish5 translations
RUDADanish1 translation
  • succes(n)[achievement of one's aim or goal]
RUBGBulgarian4 translations
RUHUHungarian4 translations
RUAFAfrikaans1 translation
  • sukses(n)[achievement of one's aim or goal](n)
RUSLSlovenian1 translation
  • uspeh(n)[achievement of one's aim or goal]{m}
RUHIHindi2 translations
RUJAJapanese5 translations
RUVIVietnamese1 translation