сбра́сывать has 21 translations in 10 languages

translations of сбра́сывать

RU EN English 2 translations
  • slough (n v) [card games: to discard]
  • whip off (v) [To remove something (especially an item of clothing) with a swift movement] (v)
RU FR French 1 translation
RU PT Portuguese 3 translations
RU DE German 1 translation
RU NL Dutch 3 translations
  • afwerpen (v n) [to cast off, to let fall, be divested of, to eject or cause to fall off]
  • verwijderen (n v) [to eject, remove, dismiss]
  • uitstoten (n v) [to eject, remove, dismiss]
RU SV Swedish 4 translations
RU CS Czech 1 translation
RU PL Polish 3 translations
RU HU Hungarian 1 translation
RU JA Japanese 2 translations