газо́н has 17 translations in 12 languages

translations of газо́н

RUESSpanish2 translations
RUFRFrench2 translations
  • pelouse(n)[An expanse of land covered in grass, lawn]{f}
  • gazon(n v)[lawn]{m}
RUPTPortuguese3 translations
RUITItalian1 translation
  • prato(n)[An expanse of land covered in grass, lawn]{m}
RUDEGerman1 translation
RUSVSwedish1 translation
RUCSCzech1 translation
RUPLPolish1 translation
RUDADanish2 translations
RUSLSlovenian1 translation
RUJAJapanese1 translation
RUVIVietnamese1 translation