бэкгра́унд has 50 translations in 12 languages

translations of бэкгра́унд

RUESSpanish4 translations
RUFRFrench7 translations
RUPTPortuguese8 translations
RUITItalian10 translations
RUDEGerman2 translations
RUSVSwedish3 translations
RUCSCzech1 translation
  • pozadí(n v)[part of picture, relevant information]
RUPLPolish6 translations
RUBGBulgarian2 translations
RUHUHungarian1 translation
  • háttér(n v)[computer background, less important feature, part of picture, social heritage](n v)
RUJAJapanese2 translations
RUVIVietnamese4 translations
  • nền(n v)[less important feature, part of picture, social heritage](at the bottom)
  • cơ sở(n v)[social heritage](n v)
  • bối cảnh(n v)[relevant information](n v)
  • hình nền(n v)[computer background](n v)