suborno has 57 translations in 18 languages

translations of suborno

PT EN English 6 translations
PT ES Spanish 7 translations
  • soborno (n) [segredo, crime, inducement to dishonesty, making of illegal payment] {m}
  • coima [inducement to dishonesty]
  • cohecho [inducement to dishonesty, making of illegal payment]
  • matraca [inducement to dishonesty] {f}
  • mordida [inducement to dishonesty]
  • alfadía [inducement to dishonesty] (n v)
  • corrupción (n) [crime] {f}
PT FR French 6 translations
PT IT Italian 5 translations
PT DE German 5 translations
PT NL Dutch 6 translations
PT SV Swedish 4 translations
  • mutning (n) [making of illegal payment] (u)
  • muta (adj proper) [inducement to dishonesty]
  • dusör (adj proper) [inducement to dishonesty]
  • bestickning (n) [making of illegal payment] (u)
PT CS Czech 2 translations
PT PL Polish 1 translation
  • łapówka (prep adv conj) [inducement to dishonesty] {f}
PT DA Danish 1 translation
PT BG Bulgarian 5 translations
PT HU Hungarian 1 translation
PT AF Afrikaans 1 translation
PT RU Russian 3 translations
PT SL Slovenian 1 translation
PT HI Hindi 1 translation
PT JA Japanese 1 translation
  • 賄賂 (conj) [inducement to dishonesty, making of illegal payment] (n v)
PT VI Vietnamese 1 translation