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translations of ROM

PTENEnglish7 translations
PTESSpanish7 translations
PTFRFrench6 translations
PTITItalian3 translations
PTDEGerman4 translations
PTNLDutch3 translations
  • Rome{n}
  • ROM(n)[processamento de dados]{n}
  • Roma[the Romani people]
PTSVSwedish6 translations
  • rom(proper)[the Romani people](u)
  • Rom(invariable)
  • läsminne(n)[processamento de dados]{n}
  • Romer
  • romsk(proper)[of or belonging to the Roma people](proper)
  • zigensk(proper)[of or belonging to the Roma people](proper)
PTCSCzech5 translations
  • Řím
  • Rom(proper)[the Romani people]
  • Romové[the Romani people]{m}
  • romský(proper)[of or belonging to the Roma people]
  • cikánský(proper)[of or belonging to the Roma people](proper)
PTPLPolish2 translations
PTDADanish3 translations
  • Rom
  • roma(proper)[the Romani people]
  • romani(proper)[the Romani people]
PTBGBulgarian5 translations
PTHUHungarian3 translations
PTRURussian3 translations
PTSLSlovenian2 translations
PTJAJapanese1 translation
  • ロマ(proper)[the Romani people](Roma)