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translations of roedor

PTENEnglish2 translations
PTESSpanish2 translations
PTFRFrench1 translation
  • rongeur[mammal of the order Rodentia, zoologia]{m}
PTITItalian2 translations
PTDEGerman2 translations
  • Nagetier(n)[mammal of the order Rodentia, zoologia]{n}
  • Nager(n)[mammal of the order Rodentia]{m}
PTNLDutch1 translation
  • knaagdier(n)[mammal of the order Rodentia, zoologia]{n}
PTSVSwedish1 translation
  • gnagare(n)[mammal of the order Rodentia](u)
PTCSCzech1 translation
  • hlodavec[mammal of the order Rodentia]{m}
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