ninfeia has 18 translations in 13 languages

translations of ninfeia

PTENEnglish1 translation
PTESSpanish2 translations
  • ninfea(n)[Any members of ''Nymphaeaceae'']{f}
  • nenúfar(n)[Any members of ''Nymphaeaceae''](n)
PTFRFrench2 translations
  • nénuphar(n)[Any members of ''Nymphaeaceae'']{m}
  • nénufar(n)[Any members of ''Nymphaeaceae''](n)
PTITItalian1 translation
  • ninfea(n)[Any members of ''Nymphaeaceae'']{f}
PTDEGerman1 translation
  • Seerose(n)[Any members of ''Nymphaeaceae'']{f}
PTNLDutch1 translation
PTSVSwedish1 translation
  • näckros(n)[Any members of ''Nymphaeaceae''](u)
PTCSCzech1 translation
  • leknín(n)[Any members of ''Nymphaeaceae''](n)
PTPLPolish1 translation
PTHUHungarian1 translation
PTRURussian2 translations
PTJAJapanese2 translations
  • スイレン(n)[Any members of ''Nymphaeaceae''](n)
  • 睡蓮(n)[Any members of ''Nymphaeaceae''](n)
PTVIVietnamese2 translations
  • súng(n)[Any members of ''Nymphaeaceae'']
  • hoa súng(n)[Any members of ''Nymphaeaceae''](n)