já has 73 translations in 17 languages

translations of

PTENEnglish6 translations
PTESSpanish6 translations
PTFRFrench3 translations
PTITItalian10 translations
PTDEGerman7 translations
PTNLDutch5 translations
  • al(adv)[prior to some time, tempo]{n}
  • reeds(adv)[prior to some time, tempo]
  • nu(o)[geral]{n}
  • alreeds(adv)[prior to some time]
  • voorgenoemde(adj n)[previously mentioned](adj n)
PTSVSwedish3 translations
  • redan(adv)[prior to some time, tempo]
  • nu(o)[geral]{n}
  • allaredan(adv)[prior to some time]
PTCSCzech3 translations
PTPLPolish1 translation
  • już[prior to some time]
PTDADanish1 translation
PTBGBulgarian4 translations
PTHUHungarian2 translations
  • már(adv)[prior to some time]
  • említett(adj n)[previously mentioned](adj n)
PTRURussian8 translations
PTSLSlovenian2 translations
  • že
  • žé(adv)[prior to some time](adv)
PTZHChinese5 translations
PTJAJapanese5 translations
PTVIVietnamese2 translations
  • rồi(adv)[prior to some time]
  • đã(adv)[prior to some time]