fraude has 158 translations in 15 languages

translations of fraude

PT EN English 17 translations
PT ES Spanish 23 translations
PT FR French 26 translations
PT IT Italian 23 translations
PT DE German 14 translations
PT NL Dutch 21 translations
PT SV Swedish 7 translations
  • bedrägeri (n v) [an act of deception, an instance of swindling, comportamento, crime, desonestidade, dinheiro] {n}
  • svindel (v n) [an instance of swindling] (u)
  • svek (n) [comportamento, dinheiro] {n}
  • knep (n) [comportamento, dinheiro] {n}
  • skurkstreck (n) [crime, desonestidade] {n}
  • fusk (n) [crime, desonestidade] {n}
  • valfusk (n) [illegal interference with an election]
PT CS Czech 2 translations
PT PL Polish 3 translations
  • oszustwo (n) [act or behavior intended to deceive, an act of deception, fraud] {n}
  • podstęp (n) [act or behavior intended to deceive] {m}
  • wyłudzenie (n v) [an act of deception] (n v)
PT DA Danish 1 translation
PT BG Bulgarian 3 translations
PT HU Hungarian 5 translations
PT RU Russian 8 translations
PT HI Hindi 2 translations
PT JA Japanese 3 translations
  • 詐欺 (n v) [an act of deception, an instance of swindling] (n v)
  • 細工 (n) [underhanded behavior] (n)
  • 不正選挙 (n) [illegal interference with an election] (n)