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translations of broca

PTENEnglish6 translations
PTESSpanish4 translations
PTFRFrench4 translations
PTITItalian5 translations
PTDEGerman5 translations
PTNLDutch6 translations
PTSVSwedish1 translation
PTCSCzech2 translations
  • vrták(n adv)[rotary cutting tool]
  • fréza(n adv)[rotary cutting tool](n adv)
PTPLPolish1 translation
  • wiertło(v n)[driving part of a drill]{n}
PTBGBulgarian1 translation
PTRURussian3 translations
  • бур(v n)[driving part of a drill]{m}(bur)
  • сверло́(v n)[driving part of a drill, rotary cutting tool](n adv)
  • пёрка(v n)[driving part of a drill](v n)