odetchnąć has 28 translations in 17 languages

translations of odetchnąć

PLESSpanish1 translation
PLFRFrench3 translations
PLITItalian1 translation
PLPTPortuguese1 translation
PLDEGerman1 translation
  • atmen(v)[to draw air in and out]
PLNLDutch2 translations
PLSVSwedish1 translation
  • andas(v)[to draw air in and out]
PLCSCzech1 translation
PLDADanish2 translations
PLBGBulgarian2 translations
PLHUHungarian1 translation
PLAFAfrikaans2 translations
  • asem(v)[to draw air in and out]
  • asemhaal(v)[to draw air in and out]
PLRURussian2 translations
PLSLSlovenian1 translation
  • dihati(v)[to draw air in and out]
PLHIHindi1 translation
PLJAJapanese4 translations
PLVIVietnamese2 translations
  • thở(v)[to draw air in and out](v n)
  • hô hấp(v)[to draw air in and out](n)