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translations of omstreden

NLENEnglish3 translations
NLESSpanish5 translations
NLFRFrench6 translations
NLDEGerman5 translations
NLITItalian2 translations
NLPTPortuguese4 translations
NLSVSwedish4 translations
  • het(a)[argument]
  • kontroversiell(a)[argument, arousing controversy]
  • omtvistad(a)[argument, marked by controversy]
  • omstridd(a)[argument, arousing controversy, marked by controversy, subject to or troubled by battles, controversy or debates]
NLCSCzech2 translations
  • sporný(adj)[arousing controversy, marked by controversy]
  • kontroverzní(adj)[arousing controversy](adj)
NLPLPolish2 translations
NLDADanish2 translations
NLBGBulgarian1 translation
  • спорен(adj)[arousing controversy, marked by controversy](adj)
NLHUHungarian3 translations
  • vitás(adj)[arousing controversy, marked by controversy](adj)
  • vitatott(adj)[arousing controversy, marked by controversy](adj)
  • nagy port kavaró(adj)[arousing controversy](adj)
NLRURussian2 translations