knippen has 58 translations in 14 languages

translations of knippen

NL EN English 7 translations
NL ES Spanish 6 translations
NL FR French 4 translations
NL DE German 9 translations
NL IT Italian 7 translations
NL PT Portuguese 8 translations
NL SV Swedish 5 translations
  • klippa (v) [haag, schaar, nagel, haar, to cut using scissors, to cut the hair, to cease recording]
  • knipsa (v) [schaar]
  • toppa (v) [haag, nagel, haar]
  • barbera (init n) [to cut the hair]
  • saxa (init n) [to cut using scissors]
NL CS Czech 3 translations
NL PL Polish 2 translations
NL BG Bulgarian 1 translation
NL HU Hungarian 2 translations
  • levág (n adv v) [to cut]
  • vág (n adv v) [to cut] (v n)
NL RU Russian 1 translation
NL JA Japanese 1 translation
NL VI Vietnamese 2 translations