nuance has 28 translations in 11 languages

translations of nuance

IT EN English 1 translation
IT ES Spanish 4 translations
  • tinte (n) [colore] {m}
  • tono (n) [colore, variety of color] {m}
  • sombra (n) [colore] {f}
  • umbral [variety of color] {m}
IT FR French 3 translations
  • nuance (n) [colore, variety of color] {f}
  • teinte (n) [colore] {f}
  • ton (n) [colore, variety of color] {m}
IT DE German 3 translations
IT NL Dutch 4 translations
IT PT Portuguese 5 translations
  • nuance (n) [colore] {f}
  • nuança (n) [colore, variety of color] {f}
  • matiz (n) [colore, variety of color] {f}
  • tom (n) [colore, variety of color] {m}
  • tonalidade (n) [colore] {f}
IT SV Swedish 3 translations
  • nyans [variety of color] (u)
  • ton [variety of color] (u)
  • färgton [variety of color] (u)
IT CS Czech 1 translation
  • odstín (adj proper) [variety of color] {m}
IT PL Polish 1 translation
  • odcień (v n adj) [variety of color] {m}
IT HU Hungarian 1 translation
  • árnyalat (prep adv adj) [variety of color] (n v)
IT RU Russian 2 translations