intagliare has 82 translations in 13 languages

translations of intagliare

ITENEnglish10 translations
ITESSpanish9 translations
ITFRFrench8 translations
ITDEGerman6 translations
ITNLDutch10 translations
ITPTPortuguese7 translations
ITSVSwedish15 translations
ITCSCzech1 translation
ITPLPolish3 translations
ITBGBulgarian2 translations
ITHUHungarian3 translations
  • faragcsál(n v)[cut or shape wood with a knife](n v)
  • farigcsál(n v)[cut or shape wood with a knife](n v)
  • farag(v)[shape wood](v)
ITRURussian5 translations
ITJAJapanese3 translations
  • 刻む(v)[carve text or symbols into (something)](v)
  • 彫り込む(v)[carve text or symbols into (something)](v)
  • 彫刻する(v)[carve text or symbols into (something)](v)