destro has 97 translations in 19 languages

translations of destro

ITENEnglish11 translations
ITESSpanish10 translations
  • derecho(a)[direzione, of direction]{m}
  • hábil(a)[abile, persona, possessing skill, skillful with one's hands]
  • capaz(a)[abile, persona]
  • diestro(adj)[skillful with one's hands, persona, dexterous, abile]{m}
  • ambidextro(a)[abile, persona]
  • mañoso(a)[abile, persona]
  • ducho(a)[abile, persona, possessing skill]
  • derecha[of direction]{f}
  • diestra(adj adv int n v)[of direction]
  • habiloso(adj)[skillful with one's hands](adj)
ITFRFrench9 translations
ITDEGerman8 translations
ITNLDutch9 translations
ITPTPortuguese9 translations
ITSVSwedish6 translations
ITCSCzech5 translations
ITPLPolish4 translations
ITDADanish1 translation
ITBGBulgarian5 translations
ITHUHungarian1 translation
  • jobb(adj adv int n v)[of direction]
ITAFAfrikaans1 translation
  • regs(adj adv int n v)[of direction]
ITRURussian6 translations
ITSLSlovenian3 translations
ITZHChinese1 translation
ITHIHindi1 translation
ITJAJapanese5 translations
  • (adj adv int n v)[of direction](adj adv int n v)
  • 熟練(adj)[possessing skill](n)
  • 上手(adj)[possessing skill](adj)
  • 得意(adj)[possessing skill](adj)
  • 器用な(adj)[skillful with one's hands](adj)
ITVIVietnamese2 translations
  • phải(adj adv int n v)[of direction]
  • thẳng(adj adv int n v)[of direction]