Cuneo has 33 translations in 15 languages

translations of Cuneo

ITENEnglish3 translations
ITESSpanish2 translations
  • calzo(n)[legno]{m}
  • cuña(n)[legno, simple machine]{f}
ITFRFrench3 translations
  • cale(n)[legno, simple machine]{f}
  • coin(n)[legno, simple machine]{m}
  • Coni(proper)[city, province of Italy](proper)
ITDEGerman4 translations
ITNLDutch4 translations
  • blok(n)[legno]{n}
  • wig(n)[legno, simple machine]{m}
  • keg(n)[legno]{m}
  • spie(n v)[simple machine]{m}
ITPTPortuguese4 translations
ITSVSwedish1 translation
  • kil(n v)[simple machine](u)
ITCSCzech1 translation
  • klín(n v)[simple machine]
ITPLPolish1 translation
  • klin(n v)[simple machine]{m}
ITDADanish1 translation
  • kile(n v)[simple machine]
ITBGBulgarian3 translations
ITHUHungarian1 translation
  • ék(n v)[simple machine](n v)
ITRURussian1 translation
ITSLSlovenian2 translations
ITJAJapanese2 translations